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Another Picture Perfect Wedding at Kingsmill

We do a lot of weddings at the Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg.  It is a stunning venue high above the James River with the best of everything; staff, food, decor, and customer service.  It’s one of those places where, once a couple chooses to have its wedding there, they practically carry them around on a satin pillow!

Anyway, we played a wedding there last Saturday and it was truly amazing!  We played mostly standard music for the prelude and processional, but they added one really sweet feature to the ceremony that was unique and extremely touching.  They had several very special family members who had passed away and they decided to honor them at the ceremony.  They asked us to play “Somewhere in Time” from the movie “Out of Africa” (which is extremely beautiful) while they laid a rose for each person on a special table.  It really made the ceremony special and touched everyone there, guests and staff (and musicians) alike.

The groom also wanted to give his bride (who is of Irish descent) something spectacular as part of his wedding gift, so secretly hired a bagpiper to make a grand entrance at the end of the ceremony, to lead them out.  This was a big secret, so we went through the motions of planning recessional music, but then at the last minute, he appeared! He entered from a staircase high above the lawn where the wedding was taking place so she looked a little confused because they were ready to begin the recessional and we weren’t playing.  The sound was soft at first but became louder as he descended the stairs.  By the time he reached the end of the aisle, she was laughing and crying so hard that I’m sure she couldn’t see him anymore!  He marched smartly down the aisle, stopped in front of them, turned around and led them out.  I’m glad we didn’t have to play anymore after that because we were tearing up too.

I just love these kinds of touches that change a wedding from a beautiful ceremony to an experience that is truly personal, unique and memorable.