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A Valentine’s Day Wedding

What could be more romantic than getting married on Valentine’s Day?  I think that it was fitting that our first wedding of the 2009 season occurred on Saturday February 14.  The bride and groom were mature folks who had found love a little later in life and were really sweet together!  The first time I met them, I was caught up in their enthusiasm.  It was clear that they knew how very lucky they were to have found each other and wanted to make the most of every minute. 

They chose a lot of custom music that meant something to them personally, including songs like “When I Fall in Love”, “There is Love”, and “One Hand, One Heart” in their ceremony music.  The families were obviously thrilled with the match and the love in the room was tangible.  The fact that they had taken the time to consider what was meaningful to them as far as music and ritual went just made it all the more special.  They lit a unity candle while “One Hand, One Heart” was playing and went out to greet their families, to let them know how much a part of this day they were, and how much they were loved.  Even a minor glitch in the ceremony where a poem to be read was misplaced didn’t mar the day.  They found it later and read it at the reception, which helped continue that really sweet vibe on into dinner. (Absolute proof that a little problem does not mean the ruination of your wedding day.)

We normally depart after the cocktail reception and leave the entertainment for the rest of the evening to a DJ or a Wedding Band, but on this occasion they asked if we would stay to accompany them on their first dance, a request we were more than happy to honor.  They chose, fittingly enough, “At Last” as their first dance song and the room was silent except for the music as they twirled together on the dance floor for the first time as a married couple.  Everyone was caught up in the sweetness of not only the moment, but also the obvious devotion of the bride and groom to each other.

Through all the preparations they were a joy to work with and I wish them all the happiness that they deserve together.  Congratulations Mattie and Jim!!!