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I Do! I Did! We Did It!

Well, “I Do” is history, and what a great experience for all of us!  Michelle Kilgore of Weddings by Michelle pulled together a truly spectacular presentation from beginning to end!  The concept, while not completely unheard of, is certainly a rarity in this era of large, overwhelming bridal shows where the brides are turned loose in a giant space full of hundreds of vendors.  This was more intimate, more approachable, more informative, and certainly more personal for both the vendors participating and the brides attending (we had a full house; woo hoo!).  They were greeted upon arrival at the beautifully renovated (it’s a stunner, believe me!) Portsmouth Renaissance Hotel, with passed hors d’oeuvres and cocktails and then treated to a tour of the hotel.  During that time they were also presented to several of the photographers present to meet and greet, and have their questions about wedding photography answered.

After that, they were escorted into the ballroom, which had be transformed (with decor, florals, lights, and live music [our Petite Symphony Quartet]) into a dream wedding!  They were seated by tuxedoed ushers as if they were guests at a wedding and then the show began.  First, they met the genius behind the project, Michelle Kilgore, and were then treated to a video of our “bride” getting ready for her wedding (in truth, our bride and groom were newlyweds who were still giddy from their own wedding, so positively glowed with happiness all day!) in the Presidential Suite, complete with a fabulous professional makeup artist, photographer, and tasty tidbits to keep her from feeling faint during the day.

The program then proceeded through every facet of the perfect wedding day, from a reinactment of a ceremony complete with music (our Petite Symphony Quartet continued), officiate, guests and a unity candle ceremony through a cocktail reception with hot jazz in the background (us again with our Swing Union Trio!), eye-catching drinks and tidbits, to the reception complete with unbelievable table settings to a heart-wrenching first dance accompanied by a DJ.  In the middle was a fashion show and all of the vendors were given an opportunity to spend just a couple of minutes educating our brides about our particular areas of expertise.  

The brides weren’t just relegated to watching though; throughout the afternoon tuxedoed waitstaff passed drinks and delicious foods for them to sample and enjoy right along with the production!  The entire day was so amazing and I’m sure that our guests left not only with some good advice, but also wonderful gifts from all of the vendors. 

I know that everyone (especially Michelle) is exhausted from the task of putting this all together, but I also know that we are all already looking forward to next year to make the show even better.  See you there!