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A Most Joyful Wedding Day

Last Friday was another day, and another wedding at the beautiful Hilton Oceanfront Hotel in Virginia Beach.  The staff, the venue and certainly the view there are unparallelled as I’ve mentioned before.  I love playing there because they not only take exquisite care of their guests, but also their vendors as well.  It never fails that when I arrive, at least one person (normally more than that) offer to help with my equipment and once inside, every staff member who walks by asks if there’s anything we need.  Wonderful!

The thing that made this wedding even more special was the mood of the bride, which was infectious.  All of my brides are happy and excited on their wedding day, but this particular bride, Kathleen, was something else altogether.  She was happy and excited, but she also conveyed strong feelings of being blessed, and being “home”.  It was a feeling that washed over everyone, including us and it was truly an amazing ceremony.  There was laughter in abundance and a relaxed, unbridled joy throughout the ceremony that left no one in any doubt whatsoever, that this couple was meant to be together. 

Often ceremonies are a little stilted because everyone is nervous and afraid that they might “do something wrong”.  I’m here to tell you that there’s really nothing that anyone can do “wrong” at a wedding as long as everyone important is there and their hearts are true, but some people get so wrapped up in the spectacle they have worked so hard to create that they forget that it’s all really about the joining of two people, their families and friends.  Even with all the preparation, decor, food, music, and everything else that goes into wedding planning, the wedding itself is simple, timeless, and elegant all by itself.  It’s a spiritual joining that is witnessed by a couple’s family (both of blood and of the heart) and everything else is just window dressing. 

This couple definitely got that, even though they also had all of the other things that make for a memorable celebration.  The energy among the guests as they left the ceremony for the cocktail reception was a true testament to the couple’s feelings for one another.  Normally, the guests are happy and talkative afterwards but in this case, they were jubilant.  I’m very honored that we got to play a small role in this incredible day.