Hi and welcome to the FritzPro Music, Inc. blog! My name is Trish and I’m the President of the company. I will be using this space to tell stories of the events I’ve done, provide advice on selecting music, and to answer your questions about our services or your event. Even if you don’t choose us, I think that it’s important to be a savvy consumer and hopefully the information contained here will help you find quality professionals who will do a wonderful job for you.

Great Event Stories

I am going to start this off by relating one of the most heart-warming experiences I’ve ever had in my career as an events musician.  I had a groom who wanted more than anything to surprise his bride by singing to her during the wedding, so I found the music that he wanted, arranged it for my group and rehearsed it.  On the day of the wedding, he came about an hour early to run through it with us.  We played the intro, he opened his mouth to sing, and… nothing.  He tried several times and each time the same thing; some sort of a sound that had no music in it at all.  Needless to say, he was extremely upset and the more upset he got, the worse it got.

In the end, he never got through it and although I reassured him that he would be fine during the ceremony, we prepared to play it without him.  Something happened between then and the moment of the song.  Call it divine intervention or call it the power of love, but he opened his mouth and sang so beautifully that everyone (guests, musicians, minister and bridal party) was sobbing openly by the end.  All of the feelings he had for this woman he was marrying came through and provided her with living proof of the sincerity of his love.  I’ve never seen a standing ovation at a wedding before, but in this case it was a spontaneous response to how everyone had been changed by the experience.